What is vandalism?

Have you heard the word vandalism? Vandalism is any kind of damage done on purpose, for no good reason. Football clubs often suffer from vandalism. You may have seen it inside the grounds or in the streets around them.

Look closely at these seven pictures of vandalism. Which kind of vandalism do you think is the most serious?

Picture showing 7 different types of vandalism.

Vandalism is a crime. Some people say that vandals should be sent to prison or made to repair the damage that they cause. Think - how would you punish the people who caused the vandalism above?

Who suffers - you decide

You may have heard people say that vandalism is just a way of 'having a laugh', but who is laughing? Vandalism often destroys things which people need. Each person below is suffering because of the vandalism above.

Can you choose which act of vandalism shown above has caused their problem?

Cartoon strip showing 6 dangers.

Think - If you saw someone damaging property at a match or in the street, what would you do?

Remember - you must never put yourself in danger. Tell an adult or an official (a steward or a police officer). Do not try to deal with vandals yourself.

More information about vandalism.