Take Care - Be 'Dog Aware'

Most dogs are friendly, but you can never be too careful.

Don't pat or play with a dog unless you have permission.

Picture of a boy asking a dog owner if he can stroke the dog.

Always ask the owner first.

Never rush up to a dog.

Boy and girl allowing a dog to come to them rather than rushing up to the dog.

Hold out your hand and let the dog come to you.

Never take a dog for a walk on your own.

A picture of a boy taking his dog for a walk - with the adult missing.

Ask an adult to go along with you. You might need help with your dog in an emergency. Who is missing from the picture above?

Try not to make sudden or loud noises when you're with a dog. You might frighten them.

Collage of 6 different activities - some of which would frighten a dog.

Try to stay calm and relaxed. Don't disturb a dog if he's eating, drinking, sleeping or is tied up. How would you like it? Look at the pictures above. Which ones do you think might frighten a dog?

Don't stare into a dog's eyes - Fold your arms and keep quiet.

An agressive dog.

Stay calm and walk away if a dog is unfriendly. DON'T RUN! How would you react to this dog?

Remember - Always wash your hands if you have touched a dog.


Many thanks to Dogs Trust for their assistance in the development of this page. For further information contact Dogs Trust on 020 7837 0006 or at www.learnwithdogs.co.uk